Liaison interpreter

A liaison interpreter works for ensuring communication between two or three people speaking different languages or during a meeting of small groups of people.

How to quantify the fee: the fee is normally based on a daily rate.

We can also allow for an hourly fee when an interpreter is required for a limited amount of time, but, however, the minimum fee is for two working hours.

Intercultural mediator

An intercultural mediator usually works in the social contexts, such as schools, hospitals, registry offices, other public offices, police station, etc. The interpretation technique used can be assimilated to liaison interpretation.

How to quantify the fee: the fee is normally based on a daily rate. We can also allow for an hourly fee when an interpreter is required for a limited amount of time, but, however, the minimum fee is for two working hours.

Simultaneous interpretation

For international conferences and meetings involving a greater number of speakers and participants we usually suggest simultaneous interpretation, which includes the service of two interpreters, in a sound-proof booth, who translate for an audience previously equipped with headphones. The two interpreters work in regular shifts of about 20-30 minutes.

Consecutive interpretation

In the case in which in a conference there are only one or two foreign speakers, who are supposed to address the audience only briefly, in order to avoid the cost of the simultaneous translation equipment, it is possible to use one or two consecutive/chuchotage interpreters. Consecutive interpretation consists of translating, summing up as faithfully as possible, the parts of a speech lasting a few minutes addressed to the audience, while chuchotage is but a simultaneous translation being whispered to one or two listeners.

Simultaneous remote interpreting

If you are looking to save on costs, but you do not want to sacrifice quality, we offer simultaneous remote interpreting. For more details contact us.

Written translations

For written translations the fee is calculated according to the type of work and can vary a lot. For instance, to translate a technical manual, the unit considered is a page of translation, that is 25 lines x 55 characters, or 1500 bytes. Otherwise it’s based on the word count.


For localization, that is the translation of information technology texts, the fee can be calculated on the basis of the type of work that is actually required, which might include adaptation of the texts and not just the simple transfer of a written text from one language to another.

Sworn translations

For the translation of certificates, sentences, school documents, etc., that must be sworn according to Italian law, the fee is based on the translation page of 1500 bytes (25 lines by 55 characters), plus expenses for the legal stamps, the swearing service or statement, which normally has a flat rate per document.

Audio and Video Transcriptions

To translate or transcribe the contents of an audio or video tapethe effective duration of the recording is calculated in minutes, plus the translation pages, on the basis of 1500 bytes unit.

International meetings

To organize an international meeting a whole rage of services are required such as: a secretariat, hostesses or stewards, provision of visual aids, sound amplification, simultaneous translation booths (in case there is a need for translation in many languages), food catering, transfer service, etc. We can provide for the entire organisation of the event supplying you with a very detailed quotation so as to respond to your real needs.

Logistic support

If you need a temporary office to carry out some business or have a meeting, we can look for the most suitable place to meet your requirements.

The fees will be calculated on the basis of the services requested.

Languages courses

If you would like to learn a foreign language, if you would like to learn Italian because you are a foreigner, if you would like any specific course related to the use of foreign languages, a course for learning how to use the new Computer Aided Translation Tools (CAT Tools), a course of specialist languages, or a refresher course of interpretation or translation, we have a network of contacts with teachers of various disciplines and national and international experts, highly reliable and competent, who can ensure maximum satisfaction.

Wedding planning for foreign nationals

Getting married in Italy is a dream for many foreign nationals. We deal with the entire organisation of the wedding and its related administrative and legal procedures, including the ceremony and reception, in exclusive venues all over Italy.