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Equipment that includes a simultaneous translation system consisting of a box with 20 receivers for the audience and a microphone for the interpreter, where no sound-proof booth can be installed.

Briefing day
Day needed for briefing the interpreters on the specific characteristics of the job in question.

Quality Certification
At present, some countries have quality standards to ensure that any translation work carried out conforms to basic standards.

Consecutive Consecutive interpretation is performed when all parties are physically present, when there are no more than 2 foreign speakers at the most. The interpreter listens to the speaker and translates the various passages, step by step, as faithfully as possible, into another language. Usually used when the cost of a simultaneous translation system would be too high.

Chuchotage is a simultaneous translation whispered to the listener's ear, performed when all parties are physically present, without the aid of technical equipment, when there are no more than 3 foreign speakers at the most.

Jours chômés
Days on which the interpreter has been retained but does not work as part of an assignment which takes place in a city other than that of his/her professional domicile.

An allowance paid to the interpreter when he/she has to spend the best part of a day travelling to and from the location of the assignment.

Full board
Food and accommodation expenses to be borne by the client instead of a daily allowance.

Percentage of the full fee due in case of cancellation of an assignment beyond the term stated in the relevant contract.

Insurance policy for third party responsibility
A policy taken out by the translator to cover any possible risk of translation mistakes that might entail serious consequences for the client and the translator.

Transcription of texts from an audio-video tape, CD or DVD, onto hard or soft copy.

Simultaneous interpretation is performed in a sound-proof booth, where the interpreter uses a headphone and a microphone, on occasions where there are many foreign speakers and a medium/large audience. 

Light Simultaneous
Simultaneous interpretation using a sound system without a sound-proof booth, for use in special working situations.